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Hellberg offers a complete range of highly comfortable hearing protectors in various models and styles. Great features, comfort and ease of use motivates you to keep your hearing protection on at all times. With Hellberg, you never need to compromise with your safety.



Hellberg Electronic Hearing Protection
Electronic hearing protectors, with features such as AM/FM radio, Bluetooth® and Active Listening, eliminate any need to remove your hearing protection at work.

Streaming your favourite music from your phone can help you get the job done more efficiently, and being able to make phone calls while still carrying on with your work is ideal for workers with the office in their pocket.

With Active Listening you are always in touch with your surroundings and still protected from harmful noise – you stay alert to warning signals and can communicate with others around you.

Hellberg Passive Hearing Protection
The passive hearing protectors are suitable for everything from low to extreme high noise level environments. Regardless of the model, you get comfortable hearing protection with unique Hellberg solutions. The hearing protectors are divided into three protection levels, clearly indicated in bright safety colours for easy identification and selection.

Hellberg Accessories & Spare Parts
Hygiene kits, charging cables, batteries and microphone wind-shields – Hellberg has all the accessories and spare parts needed to maintain the performance of your hearing protector.



Hellberg offers eye and face protection solutions for a vast array of applications. The safety glasses, safety googles, visors and visor carriers are ergonomically designed to be comfortable, practical and effective. They are easily combined with hearing protection, safety helmets and browguards.

Safety Glasses
Hellberg's safety glasses and safety goggles offer optimum protection combined with great comfort and excellent fit. The high quality materials used in our safety eyewear protect your eyes in challenging work environments and help you avoid eye fatigue. Choose from different styles, coating and lens colours to find the perfect safety glasses for your needs. We also offer models that can be worn together with prescription glasses.

Visor Carriers
Our visor carriers are designed to fit seamlessly with Hellberg's hearing protectors and to provide easy assembly. Offering a wide selection of carriers, there is always a solution for your requirements, even if you don't need hearing protection. The carriers can be combined with hearing protectors and safety helmets, or be used as stand-alone visor solutions.

Regardless of the work task, you can easily find a visor for your needs. Thanks to the uniform design all visor can be mounted on any of the Hellberg visor carriers. The visors are well proven in real life, tested and approved to applicable standards.

Visor Combinations
Pick and choose your own combination of hearing and face protection, or choose one of our ready-made combinations that suits a wide varity of different works tasks.

Hellberg Safety is part of Hultafors Group since 2018.
Together with brands such as Snickers Workwear, Solid Gear Footwear and Toe Guard

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