MASCOT Safety Footwear

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MASCOT Safety Footwear

MASCOT offers one of the industry’s largest assortments of safety boots, safety shoes and safety trainers for the job.

Whether you are looking for solid safety footwear or footwear without safety components, MASCOT offers both options.

If you work in extreme environments, it is vital that your work shoes meet the highest safety requirements while providing ultimate comfort.

Browse the complete MASCOT foootwear range at Tuffshop.

Choose from our wide assortment of both traditional safety shoes and boots, modern safety footwear in innovative materials as well as shoes and boots without safety components.

Make Demands on Safety

If you work in environments where your feet are exposed to risks of high temperatures, chemicals, pressure or the risk of objects being dropped, you should look for MASCOT’s wide selection of safety footwear.

If you choose MASCOT safety shoes from Tuffshop, you are assured that your shoes are certified according to EN ISO 20345.

It means that all products meet the market’s highest safety requirements for work footwear.

In our assortment, you will find safety footwear in safety classes S1P and S3.

In both safety classes, the footwear has nail protection, toe cap, oil and petrol resistant outer soles as well as slip resistant, anti-static and breathable properties, among others.

The work shoes and boots in safety class S3 are all water-repellent.

At Tufshop you will find a versatile selection of MASCOT safety footwear, whether you work in construction, trades, industry or more extreme professions.

Innovative Materials

Innovation is essential when developing work footwear.

MASCOT's footwear follows the latest trends and is the best on the market - for both materials and features.

If you want a quick and effortless way to fasten your shoes, look for footwear with the BOA® Fit System.

This very durable system guarantees you an optimum fit using a dial.

If you're looking for work footwear with optimum flexibility, excellent shock absorption and a low weight, then our wide choice of footwear can offer you innovative materials such as ETPU soles, composite toe caps and textile midsoles.

Work Footwear for all Professions

If you don’t need safety, MASCOT’s assortment also includes work footwear without safety components.

These shoes are for those who work in professions where ordinary sneakers can be used.

Although the shoes are without safety, you still get the quality, design and fit that you know from MASCOT’s additional assortment of work shoes, boots and sandals.

With MASCOT, you can give all employees across job functions a streamlined visual identity.

Shop MASCOT Safety Footwear at for the best prices and service.

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