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Flame Retardant Workwear

There are many jobs and tasks which require you to wear flame-resistant or flame-retardant clothing to protect you while carrying out hazardous tasks. At Tuffshop we supply a large range of both flame-resistant & flame-retardant protective clothing to keep you safe from flames, fire and heat.

All of our FR clothing meets the relevant EN & ISO standards & regulations so you can buy & wear with confidence. The relevant EN ISO certifications & classes for each product is displayed on the product page.

Tuffshop supplies Flame-retardant TrousersFlame-retardant JacketsFlame-retardant SweatshirtsFlame-retardant T-Shirts & PolosFlame-retardant Coveralls and many Flame-retardant Accessories like Flame-retardant BalaclavasFlame-retardant GlovesFlame-retardant Underwear and Socks and much more from the leading workwear brands.

We also sell a range of flame retardant base layer clothing. When layered together, rather than individually, the multiple layers provide increased protection and offer more time before the wearer sustains burns to the skin.

If you’re looking to buy multinorm clothing with multiple protective properties like Hi-Visibility Flame-retardant ClothingARC rated clothing and flame-retardant clothing designed for working in extreme temperatures and weather conditions like waterproofs or Flame-retardant Thermal Winter Jackets we supply the full range of flame retardant workwear at Tuffshop.

Flame-retardant or flame-resistant – what’s the difference?

Flame-retardant and flame-resistant terms can seem confusing.

Both terms relate to clothing that has been specifically designed to protect against combustion, but they do it in different ways. If you work in an industry that requires flame-retardant workwear, then you’ll want to understand exactly which type of protective workwear you need.

Flame-retardant workwear is treated with a specific set of chemicals in order to slow down the spread of fire. While the clothes are not resistant to flames or fireproof in any way, they do grant the wearer additional time to take action, which could be the difference between sustaining serious injury and escaping or even between life and death. The protection works by releasing a set of chemicals upon exposure to a naked flame or extreme heat source, which stifle the oxygen in the vicinity, making it more difficult for the fire to spread.

Flame-resistant workwear is different in that the molecule structures of the fabrics used in the garment are themselves not flammable. Rather than emit chemicals to suffocate the oxygen and smother the flame, the clothing will simply swell upon contact with a flame or when exposed to extreme temperatures and become denser & thicker. Since they do not burn or melt when combusted, they provide an extra barrier between the heat and the skin, thus preventing first-, second- and third-degree burns for much longer.

Different Types of Flame Retardants – Inherent vs Treated

Inherent Flame-Retardant Workwear

If a fabric is inherently flame-resistant (also known as inherently fire-retardant), its ability to protect you from heat and flames comes from the polymer fibres of the fabric which, at normal oxygen levels, don’t ignite.

Treated Flame-Retardant Workwear

A fabric described as treated will be made from fibres which aren’t flame retardant by their nature, but have either had a chemical applied, or have been through a chemical process, to make them fire resistant by creating a chemical reaction when set alight which then extinguishes the flame.


PROS AND CONS – Inherent vs Treated
Inherent Flame-Retardant Workwear has all of the pros with the only con being that it’s price-tag is higher, the items will last longer can be more economic longer term.
The only real advantage of Treated Flame-Retardant Workwear is that it is initially cheaper to buy but will need replacing more frequently than clothing with inherent flame protection.

Inherent FR
Higher initial cost
Saves money long term
Permanent FR Properties
Consistent Protection
Better for the environment
Can be blended for comfort

Treated FR
Cheaper initially
Needs to be replaced
FR Properties diminish
Not environmentally friendly
Can shrink with laundry
Protection levels not as consistent


Most popular Flame-retardant workwear brands available at Tuffshop

Blaklader Flame-retardant Workwear

Fristads Flame-retardant Workwear

Snickers Flame-retardant Workwear

Portwest Flame-retardant Workwear

Pulsar Flame-retardant Workwear

Tranemo Flame-retardant Workwear


If you would like further information or want to buy workwear in bulk, please come and visit us in our bricks & mortar shop, buy online or simply contact our team of workwear experts by telephone (0113 2887713), email or webchat.

For all your tough workwear, hard wearing clothing, PPE and safetywear, trust tuffshop to deliver on every level.

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